How to utilize modern & eco-friendly design 

Sustainable and eco-friendly living has become a social and environmental norm and with good reason. Modern interior designers need to keep a variety of ideas in mind in order to stay up to date with the growing green trend. Here are some useful pointers to help you make your home an eco-friendly and viable habitat.

Lighting curation

By design, energy efficient homes need to leverage green technologies to remain carbon neutral. One of your first considerations in eco interior design should be LED lighting. Since 2014, energy output for normal incandescent bulls have been reduced, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t replace them anyway and invest in longer lasting liquid emitting-diodes (LED) or halogen bulbs that are just effective and blend with a modern look. Your modern home interior usually needs up to 40 bulbs so make the energy-efficient and cost-saving choice of switching over.

Sustainable kitchen and home solutions

It’s not what you take out but what you put back in. We all produce waste, so that’s why it’s important to change our habits. When designing your kitchen interior, be sure to incorporate concepts such as airflow, utilise recycled materials for accessories, buy energy efficient appliances, and build countertops with carbon storing materials that reduce formaldehyde emissions such as MFC instead of hardwood. Simpler examples may include disposable systems that segment recyclable waste from non-recyclable as well as the utilisation of reused and remade accessories.

Create a healthy environment 

Air circulation is step one to keeping your home interior clean and healthy. Ceiling fans, aircons, and opened windows maintain a flow of inside and outside air to reduce stuffiness and improve air quality. Don’t be scared to bring the outdoors inside! Plants are an excellent way to keep your air quality pristine. Potted shrubs like Aloes, Dracaena, and Philodendrons are an excellent addition for this very purpose. A plant makes a house a home in more ways than just for aesthetic reasons!

Flexible and Adaptable spaces

Interior design eco-friendliness isn’t all down to tangible accessories but also good utilisation of space. Eco friendly choices include making use of all the nooks and crannies in your home for not only design but storage solutions. Accessories like pullout desks are ideal for space and convenience but are also valuable permanent fixtures to your home interior. The space under your stairs is also a perfect place for decent storage and/or entertainment purposes. Bookcases, glass cabinets, and small bar fridges are a marvelous placeholder in what would normally be an unconventional area.

If you’re one for easy breathing and doing your part to reduce your impact on the environment then utilising our simple ideas for an eco-friendly home interior is essential. Never forget that eco-safe appliances, house plants, and access to clean breathable air is the perfect starting point for the modern sustainable home.


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