Love your Bedroom

Your bedroom should be alluring, inspiring and delight you. If yours just misses that little bit of oomph here’s some ideas on how to put some charm back into your space. Considering how much time you actually spend there it should be your sanctuary.


A bedroom is a private, calm place where you can relax and unwind from the stresses of the day and lapse gently into dreamland.


Cool, calming colour palette

Opt for neutral shades to create a sense of calm and serenity in your bedroom. If you wish, pep up your space with a little pretty pop of colour with a throw pillow, a comfy cushion or a chair covering. 


Luxurious textures

Make your bed look comfy and inviting with luxury bedding and layers of soft, sumptuous, textured throws that you just want to loll onto. Soft, floaty, sheer curtains provide privacy while letting in natural light and sunshine. A second blackout layer in an interesting, appealing fabric can be drawn back until bedtime when they’re needed to induce better and easy sleep. Thick pile rugs look cosy in the room while underfoot they feel gorgeous and plush.


Lighting moods

Use a variety of lights to create different moods like ceiling lights with dimmer switches to control their intensity, a chandelier for a touch of opulence and handy, appealing bedside lamps ideal for a softer ambience or night-time reading.


Clutter free spaces

Having plenty of storage options to hide all clutter is the key to keeping your bedroom retreat calm and relaxing. Beautifully designed free standing or built-in wardrobes will inspire your space, inviting you to stay clutter-free so you can showcase and admire their stunning design and how amazingly they transform your room. Beautiful mirrored wardrobe doors will enhance the room’s light and heighten the sense of its spaciousness. If space permits, why not enjoy the luxury of a walk-in wardrobe? A shoe cupboard should remedy that habit of just kicking off your shoes and carelessly leaving them lying around when getting home from a hard day at the office.

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Smart integrated solutions

Small unused nooks and corners can be successfully converted into handy places for a:

  • Window seat
  • Built-in or floating bedroom vanity, desk, wall cupboard
  • Neat and nifty home office
  • A desk-type vanity fitted with a drawer with a hinged lid that opens up into a mirror
  • A dressing table with long mirrors to disguise hidden accessory organisers.

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An idyllic bed

Beds, the largest item and the focal point of a bedroom, are for relaxing rest but they are also perfect for hidden storage with pull-out drawers underneath. Bedroom suites are designed with headboards and bedside cabinets but professional designers can create more sophisticated and functional bedroom furniture which offer additional storage solutions like bedside cabinets extending up behind the nightstand with a section for shelves and/or closed compartments for items like books, electronic devices and chargers etc. and hidden or revealed storage built into the headboard.


Wardrobes, or a floor-to-ceiling storage system, placed behind the bed can be utilised as a room divider or, in larger bedrooms, can be used to create a complete but separate dressing and clothing storage section.


The options are endless, just consult professional bedroom designers, like Chilli Pepper Designs, who will intrigue you with their range of inspiring, smart ideas that will transform your bedroom interior and make you love your bedroom even more. 


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