Ann Road, just west of Krugersdorp, is the main road forming the base of the tiny suburb of Poortview. This bespoke property was developed from start to finish and designed with modern aesthetics and curated elements to match contemporary demands.

Contemporary, eco-friendly, and stylish design work is the aesthetic choice most homeowners are incorporating into their home interior. Modern interior designers need to keep a variety of ideas in mind in order to stay up to date with the growing green trend as well as making sure homes maintain a modern look and feel. 

A modern facade

This exquisite home’s plan resulted in a broad spectrum of architectural styles and has a dynamic and fluid aesthetic.

Modern homes, especially in 2021 have a fluid and evolving nature that reflects the changes in both interior design principles and construction methods. Chilli Pepper Design’s Ann Road development represents a variety of stylish features which align with changing trends.

Spanning a wide range of diverse building materials and design principles of paying close attention to detail.

Interior Design – Elements

When walking through its custom double door entrance, you are immediately greeted by a welcoming hallway with a spiral staircase leading up to the upper story. Hanging lights of varying lengths finalise a particular yet classical final touch.

What gives this home character is the adaptation of both modern and classical elements. From a contemporary stairway to a bedroom that evokes an exemplary style.

From bedroom to bathroom, these neutral colour palettes have become an interior design favourite among homeowners and designers. Muted and natural colours like creamy white and off-black induce a calm, inviting, and clean look and feel.

The kitchen, as known as the focal point of the home, is imbued with a soothing neutral colour palette and glossy tiles to create a welcoming appeal. The countertop, which represents not only space creation but draws the eyes to the centre of the kitchen, is refined with a stylish, Eezi Quartz Calacatta fine finish.

Inspired by an inviting neutral palette, this contemporary kitchen design combines modern architectural finesse with soothing greys and clinical white tones.

Home Gallery

With the core elements of the home fully designed and finalised, other aspects such as adjoining rooms, hallways and living spaces may follow suit.

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