Tucked away on a quiet road in Bryanton rests the modern Savile Row Estate designed with an avant-garde theme and with lavish lifestyles in mind. This contemporary off-plan development takes inspiration from the famous Mayfair Street in London which lends its artistic design from bespoke tailoring and an exclusive look and feel. 

As such, the estate comprises 16 uniquely tailored homes paying homage to this eclectic collection of modern features and design. Chilli Pepper Designs has always maintained a finger on the pulse of sophisticated interior design where we add an elevated level of expertise to any given space.

Custom designed solutions for a unique dream home

Chilli Pepper Designs has been extensively involved in the ongoing interior design elements of various homes within this estate. Before any design work is achieved, we like to take the time to listen to what our clients need to make their homes unique to them. 

One of our clients was particularly interested in adding a custom bar and entertainment section into their dream home. To us, this particular challenge required a detailed approach from initial conception, to planning and sketching, and then finally the seamless implementation of a quality custom build.

Once we’ve taken their ideas into consideration, the next part of the conception phase is a fully rendered 3D design. With knowledge in both practical and digital sketches, we were able to render a realistic composite image of how the clients envisioned their home interior.

The bar framework construction incorporates materials such as Calacatta Fine by Eezi Quartz, with a 50mm mitred top. The front of the bar is a White oak veneer with a charcoal Monocoat finish with Duco Black Matt back wall for the two contrasts. Brass handles were incorporated to match pendants over the bar and finished off with a powder-coated Black foot rail.

Design elements such as colour and the texture of the material were used with the consideration of the rest of the home’s interior design in mind. In other words, making sure that third-party appliances like mini-bar fridges fit seamlessly with the design without looking like an afterthought.

Kitchen and Bathroom Elements

The rest of the home follows the principles of clean symmetry through both neutral tones and the use of simple and contemporary additions such as countertops, basins, and immaculate faucets.

If you’re working with modest kitchens then one tip for interior design enthusiasts is to create a focal point that adds both to the illusion of dimension but also creates additional workspace. For this home, in particular, the kitchen [material] countertop not only provides a focal work point but allows for easy access to any point of the kitchen. 

The home comes equipped with 2.5 bathrooms. Each of which follows the central theme of calming neutrals in sharp contrast. Although the cabinetry maintains a clinical look, contrasting the darker tones of the downstairs part of the home, the basin, and faucets, and finished with a stylish matt black continues this theme.

With the core elements of the home fully designed and finalised, other aspects such as adjoining rooms, hallways. and living spaces continue to follow a pristine and contemporary look and feel.

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