Today’s kitchens tend to be larger and open-plan – the hub of social activity in the home where everyone converses and shares their day’s experiences, where food is prepared, and where the family eats together. It is estimated that we spend about 80% of our time in the kitchen.

Kitchens, being the second biggest investment we will make in our lives, can dramatically increase the value of our home especially if the kitchen interior design is eye-catching, beautiful and contemporary. 

For us at Chilli Pepper, we understand that when it comes to designing or remodelling a kitchen we expect the best return on our investment. We have the right to expect professional service.

There is a certain strategy that we like to employ that we know achieves the best results.

Listen without interruption

Allow the clients to speak freely and let them express their needs and wants. Interruptions will only distract their train of thought so we prefer to give them the floor until they feel they have been told and shown us everything they want to.

Understand the client and their space

Understand who they are and what they’re looking for, the look and feel of what they’re looking for, their home interior design, the size and space available, how their home and family dynamics work and how the family plans to use the product and space every day.

Interpret their vision

Formulate a complete mental picture from all the information the client has give. That’s why it’s so important to listen and let them freely express all their ideas.

Transfer their vision into a design

Design and present a full 3D layout for the client to preview, a pictorial version that matches their vision exactly, compiled from our interpretation of what the client says they are looking for.

Produce a value-add product 

We value our clients and love to keep them happy. That’s why we always aim to produce a quality, value-add product that makes their dreams come true.

That’s our strategy at Chilli Pepper Designs. It’s why we are known for our exceptional service, stunning designs and phenomenal finished projects. We take the time to understand our client and listen intently to their vision so we can depict, build, and have installed an amazing and inspiring solution that interprets their vision to perfection and beyond. 

Remember the golden rule of listening: It’s possible to say too much. It’s rarely possible to listen too much.

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Don’t overlook lighting when designing a kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom – it can make or break the success of your design!

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