7 Must knows when planning the perfect bathroom


Getting a bathroom design just right requires extensive and comprehensive planning. Even small bathrooms can be designed into tranquil, functional chic spaces with some careful planning. Use these 7 practical tips to guide you in creating a stylish bathroom design you’ll adore.


  1. Assess what essentials you need

Make a list of the core elements you would like in your bathroom. Bathroom essentials will vary depending on whether it’s a family bathroom, en-suite or guest bathroom. Family bathrooms will require more items and fittings – like a bath, double basins, separate shower, fitted or free-standing storage; guest bathrooms may only require a shower, basin, mirror and toilet. Be realistic about how much you can fit in your space without it becoming too cramped. 


Select the style of your bathroom – very modern or more traditional. Modern will be clean, straight, angular lines with a minimalist, uncluttered look whereas traditional is more decorative and busy. 


  1. Effective layout

Measure your room and make a drawing with all measurements and indicate the location of doors, windows and plumbing pipes. 


This plan will enable you to find the correct position for the basic fixtures like the bath, shower, basin and toilet. For a layout to be effective leave sufficient space for easy walkways around these fixtures and also incorporate your foreseeable future needs eg. if you have a growing family.


  1. Choosing your fixtures, fittings and flooring

Choosing your fixtures, fittings and flooring is most exciting. Visit bathroom and flooring showrooms, search online and scour interior design magazines extensively for ideas and inspiration that match your chosen style. 


Measurements of your choices will be useful for your layout plan when determining whether they fit comfortably into the available space and will help highlight which nice-to-have options it may not be possible to include.


Flooring needs to be appealing and attractive as well as practical, hard-wearing and easy to clean. Eco-friendly flooring products like natural stone and laminate match the latest interior design trend of using natural materials – but always be sure to check your choices are specifically designed for bathrooms.


  1. Vital ventilation

Bathrooms are usually damp and humid rooms. Excess moisture encourages mould and mildew growth which may cause unpleasant respiratory problems and too much build-up of condensation which can damage your wooden furniture. Ensure that there is an openable window and install a bathroom extractor fan to protect your health and any wooden components in your room.


  1. Suitable sufficient storage

Sufficient storage, whether fitted, free-standing or floating, is paramount for a tidy, clutter free bathroom. The choice is endless; select the style, shade and finish to match your interior design –  from space-saving vanities incorporating drawers and/or cupboards and basins in one; vertical cabinetry hiding all the toiletries, spare toilet rolls and clean towels to strategically hung wall cabinets which are usually also mirror-fronted.    


  1. Flexible lighting

Flexible illumination in a bathroom will allow plenty of brightness for shaving and putting on make-up, but less for middle-of-the-night toilet visits or for a calming ambience to set the mood for lingering relaxed bathing. Options include lighting around mirrors, downlights for overhead illumination with dimmer switches to reduce the brightness level and motion sensors which save fumbling around for the light switch in the dead of night. 


  1. Get professional advice

Enlisting the services of qualified professionals will not only instill you with confidence in your design but will also ensure you avoid any costly mistakes. 


Bathroom designer

An expert bathroom designer will be able to:

  • suggest inventive ways of maximising your space
  • provide pertinent knowledge about your proposed choices of fixtures, fittings and flooring types and brands
  • refer expert plumbers, electricians or gas installers that they have long-standing working relationships with 
  • offer their expertise in designing and manufacturing beautiful bespoke cabinetry or furniture perfect for your space, needs and interior design.

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We hope these 7 practical tips will guide you in creating an effective, stylish bathroom space you will love and enjoy for years to come.


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