Chilli Pepper Designs believes in supporting our country, its economy, our people and reducing our carbon footprint. For this reason, we prefer to use locally manufactured products and materials because these are designed to meet local needs, are suited to our climate and infrastructure, and in line with local trends.


All the manufacturers we use are based in Johannesburg, but we also have a manufacturing plant in Cape Town. All our products are sustainable and we only partner with reputable suppliers who can provide us with the back-up support we need.


In this article we discuss and provide some insight into the products we use:


Melamine (chipboard)

Melamine is used to laminate a decorative design onto plywood, particleboard or MDF (medium density fibreboard). The result, when these are fused together and have hardened, is scratch-resistant, durable and colourfast. We use locally manufactured melamine but the decorative papers are imported from Europe. It is a versatile product used widely in cabinetry solutions.


Wrap (supawood)

Supawood, also known as MDF, is a less expensive, locally manufactured, alternative to wood or veneered boards. It is ideal for making furniture and décor accessories.


Granite, Quartz, Marble

These products are ideal for countertops with marble also becoming trendy in wash basins. The granite we use is sourced locally or from other African regions while the various finished products are imported from Spain, Israel and China.  


Here is a brief description of each: describes granite as “an igneous rock, which means that it was formed from molten lava deep within the earth’s crust. As the lava cools, it crystallizes under enormous pressure. It’s this crystallization that forms granite’s signature speckles of color — the longer the molten rock has to cool, the bigger the speckles, or grains, of color” and describes marble as “a metamorphic rock, which is a rock that has been physically and chemically transformed over time due to intense heat and pressure. Marble begins life as limestone.”

Quartz is produced from ground-up particles of stone which have been bonded together with resins.


Solid wood tops and butcher blocks

The woods used for wood tops and butcher blocks are sourced locally or from other African countries. 


Sinks and handles

These are all imported and we use a variety of suppliers.



We make recommendations to our clients but ultimately our clients choose which brand they prefer. 


Veneer, semi-solid and solid wood

These woods and wood finishes are done locally.


Niemman and Seno Products

Niemman boards and Seno acrylic sheets are imported – Seno from its head office in Austria and Niemann from Italy and Germany. Their products follow European interior design trends and we find them  perfect for use in furniture production and kitchen interior design. For more information, visit:


Raw supawood

This is sourced locally from PG Bison. They state that it is their “premium quality medium density fibreboard (MDF)” with a “fine, smooth, grain-free surface and homogeneous construction, so it’s perfect for creating almost any shape in furniture”.  For more information, visit:


Chilli Pepper is proudly South African and we are committed to using local, sustainable products and materials to lower our impact on the environment and to contribute towards improving the welfare of our people, our country and its economy.  If you need professional interior design advice, please contact us at :


To see some of our stunning completed home interior design projects, follow this link:



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