These days large property developers see the benefits of letting their consumers choose professionals to design and install custom-built interior design products in their new units themselves. In this article we discuss this using the example of a kitchen interior installation.


Developers are using professional designers and installers

As professional kitchen interior designers, it is gratifying to note that nowadays some large developers are realising the benefits of and utilising the skills of both professional kitchen designers to advise on the kitchen interior layouts for their buyers and those of professional plumbing and electrical installers. Professional kitchen designers have the right qualifications and skills to create modern kitchens with excellent and efficient kitchen functionality and flow.


Today with properties being much smaller, the old basic standard layouts are outmoded and no longer effective. Designers must be ingenious and be able to devise practical kitchens and workflow in smaller and even unusually shaped kitchen spaces if necessary – but always keeping the needs and wishes of the consumer in mind. 


Functionality is very important for consumers as they need to work just as effectively in their small kitchen spaces.


What is poor kitchen design and function?

Sometimes, in developments, the needs of the consumers have been overlooked – the kitchen interior is dysfunctional, the build has been rushed and the developers have cut corners with the quality of the workmanship and the products and materials used. In the end, the consumers pay a high price for a cheaply finished, badly designed kitchen interior that does not function in their best interests. Initially it’s really the developer who scores best here but in time the consumer will not be recommending that developer!


Kitchens are king

It’s in a developer’s best interests to allow consumers to choose their own kitchen interior designer from their preferred list. Consumers should do their research and investigate the current market for specialist kitchen designers. As kitchens are the second biggest investment we will make in our lives, consumers need to ensure they get the best design and finished product for their money and their space – however big or small. 


A professional kitchen designer is an expert at incorporating all the essential kitchen zones:

  • cooking zone (for stove and microwave);
  • preparation zone (counter tops to prepare food);
  • consumables zone (fridge for fresh food and pantry/cupboard for dry food); 
  • non-consumables zone (crockery, glassware and cutlery);
  • cleaning zone (sink and dishwasher). 

in the perfect spots and sized just right, even in the tiniest of kitchen spaces, to provide sufficient storage for, and to facilitate the workflow of, the consumer.


They won’t make mistakes like designing incorrectly sized cupboard shelves or units where the goods to be stored will not fit e.g. a shelf being too small to fit a tomato sauce bottle or a kitchen where no space was allocated for the garbage bin!


A professional kitchen designer will give the clients space to discuss their needs and kitchen aspirations and to choose their own product and style, colour palette and design from a variety of options. 


We stand out above the rest

We, at Chilli Pepper Designs, only permit our preferred installers to install our custom-designed kitchen products assuring consumers of a quality installation. 


Being on the preferred list of a large developer is a recommendation that we prize greatly.


Whilst we have used the example of a bespoke kitchen in this article, it is our aim, as a leading supplier of design and installation of kitchens, bedroom cupboards, vanities, bars, studies and custom furniture, to provide a high quality unique product for our clients that will delight them and give them immense pleasure and satisfaction for the longest time.


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