Chilli Pepper Designs is renowned in the home construction and renovation industry for contemporary, innovative interior design and the creation of masterful functional designs especially in living, bedroom and bathroom areas.

While we create our own designs, because their lifestyle and climate has so many similarities to ours, we take our inspiration from Australian and New Zealand trends. These are what their 2021 trends are.


Interior design trends

These trends are what we will see in home spaces in 2021


Natural elements

The global trend of 2021 is about what’s natural and bringing natural elements into homes with materials like leather, stone, wood (light wood in particular) and marble. 


Colour palettes

Colour palettes are inspired by nature – the warm earthy tones of brown, nude, stone, sand, camel, beige and soft greens. Here and there blue shades, reminiscent of the ocean, appear.

Strong contrasting colours of dark blues, deep greens and rich reds create a moody ambience.


Integrated spaces 

A must have for modern homes is large open-plan living spaces, a blend of the kitchen, dining and living room, where everything happens in that single space for the family – allowing people to prepare the meal while socialising. As such, it must have pleasing aesthetics, be neat, clean and streamlined with functional items able to be out of sight when not in use.



Modern homes have a clutterless appeal and always look tidy and neat. Nothing is visible that does not have an immediate or permanent function in that space. Less is more.


Buying local

Support for local suppliers and local materials is key. Many people, in both countries as in South Africa, have been badly affected by the pandemic which has resulted in a great loss in income and business. Local suppliers will appreciate this support and this will in turn have huge benefits for the economy and employment rate for the country. We, at Chilli Pepper Designs, are strong believers in buying local and always support local manufacturers.


The following trends are specific to the spaces we design for:



Kitchens have a clean, seamless feel with functionality and cupboards (handleless) concealed until needed. If there’s extra space, especially in small homes, contemporary kitchens integrate furniture-type elements e.g. office nooks or dining room tables (which can also serve as a desk) endorsing the multi-functional trend. Natural wood countertops and cabinets are popular.

Becoming a trend are cabinets featuring contrasting colour pops and faucetry, even sinks and splashbacks, showcase gold, copper, bronze and brass for an instance of glamour especially in a neutral palette.

Smart technology is evident in touch-less sensor taps where hand movement opens the water flow.



The bathrooms of today are sleekly designed havens for comfort and relaxation. Plenty of compact, neat storage is important to maintain a clutterless appearance. Wooden accents feature on cabinetry. Floating vanities are very popular and lovely. Open wall shelving in light woods is in keeping with the natural trend and for displaying indoor plants and personal artefacts. Gold, copper, bronze and brass tapware make their own statement.

Smart bathroom technology is seen in mirrors which sense the close approach of a face and showers and taps with sensors to control the flow of (and save) water.



Bedrooms are all about simple but sumptuous comfort and cosiness with beautifully finished wardrobes which may also seamlessly integrate an office nook or a dressing table into their design. Cupboard doors may feature handles of natural metals or can be handleless.

Chilli Pepper Designs is excited and stimulated by these predicted interior design trends for 2021 and will enjoy beautifying your home spaces with these refreshing and inspiring interior design ideas.


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